Exfoliate  In the shower or bath before shaving take a washcloth (no  soap) and gently exfoliate the skin.  This will reduce the dead skin on the surface and lift stubbly hairs that may be caught just under the surface.

Shaving Gel  This lubricates the skin so that the razor catches the hair not the skin.   The shaving gel doesn't need to be fancy or expensive. Any men's gel at the grocery will do.

Fresh Blades  A new blade has a really smooth surface that makes a very clean cut.  The older the blade the rougher the edge thus the rattier the cut.   Try the Mach 3 razor by Gillette.   

Moisturize  Always moisturize after shaving to lock in all that smooth beauty you just created. If lotion stings try a bit of grapeseed or apricot oil.  I really like the Aura Cacia brand (available at New Seasons).

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